Bay Bridge Lightning Strike

Francisco, California

is the photo that started it all.  I would like to think that I
occasionally took a good photo before this one (and since) but none
have ever garnered the attention that this one has.  It was taken
out through the window of my home office.

Lightning is increidby rare in Northern California.  I had often
thought that if lightning did
strike, some large metal rods surrounded by saltwater would make a
great conductor.  I watched the storm approach the city on an app
which plots lightning strikes.  I set up my camera as close as I
could get to the window and darkened the room.  I set the
exposures for 20 seconds and when done, I had take 136 shots. 
Three frames had lightning in them.  This one represents the most
stirkes.  I cannot state that all stikes hit simutaneously but I
can say with certainty that they occurred within 20 seconds of each

This photo has appeared on local and national TV as well as numerous
print publications.  These include the UK Daily Mail, the NBC
Nightly News, and The San Francisco Chronicle.  I was interviewed
by the local NBC and CBS affiliates and the interview aired on the
local evening broadcasts.
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